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 Parents say...

“After 4 years, we are glad and proud to say that our boy has graduated from an awesome early childhood school. We have seen tremendous growth in him, not only academically but also socially and mentally. Our heartfelt appreciation to the school teachers, especially Ms. Wendy for her patience and care towards our boy. We will not hesitate to recommend dMP to our friends! :)”

Joy, mummy of Emanuel (K2), Nov '21


“麻雀虽小 五脏俱全:má què suī xiao , wu zàng jù quán
Loose translation: The sparrow may be small but all its vital organs are there (idiom). Meaning: complete in every detail. In a small school like DMP, the kids have a stronger sense of connection. Socialising among kids of close but different ages helps them relate to people. They develop maturity and learn from peers as well as kindness and tolerance to the younger ones. Keeping the number of Teachers small also creates more personable relationships. ”

Joanna, mummy of Sean (Nursery), Nov '21


“Oliver thoroughly enjoys going to school and there is never a day where he wakes up not wanting to go to school. He speaks fondly about his teachers too and likewise I can see they genuinely care for him too.

From his enthusiasm, even our second child wants to go school with him not knowing what it is. It was an easy decision for us to place our second child in this school as she's entering the nursery class.”

Joseph, daddy of Oliver (Nursery), Nov '21


“Another year with dMP, another year of wonderful partnership in nurturing Gabrielle to be a confident and fun-loving child with the right values. I felt dMP true-heartedly focus on the children as their first school, paving their way to be a self-motivated learner yet respecting that every single child is different. The cosy, loving and caring environment curated by Uncle Jake and Ms Wendy gives all motivation for my girl to come to school daily and learn new things with her friends.
The school's holiday programmes are also what Gabrielle hates to miss as they are so much fun that she always has a lot to tell me about after every session - that makes me very much look forward to the programme every school holiday, too! My elder one is an alumni and he still attended the programmes when he was in his lower primary years.
I would highly recommend dMP and I am always grateful to have found this gem for my children for their preschool education, definitely no exaggeration. :)

Winsome, mummy of Gabrielle (Nursery), Nov '21


“I would tell other parents that I'm happy that my child is always looking forward to go to school everyday. That alone, implies that the school must be a fun place to learn. My child is always excited to tell her new learnings on a daily basis.”

Myra, mummy of Cassandra (K2), Nov '21


"The school encourages kids to be creative and most importantly to be themselves. Every kid is unique and the teachers made learning so much fun for my girl. She had her best 4 years at school and I have witnessed how the school brought out the best in her. A big thank you for all your love and efforts! ”

Navya, mummy of Jiya (K2), Nov '21


“It been 3 years in dMP, very enriching programmes they have every year! Loving and caring teachers in dMP Kindergarten. Communication with teachers were good too. My boy loves to go to school everyday! He had lots of good memories with the school n teachers. I must say he learns a lot in dMP not only academic but also good moral values. Definitely will let my youngest join dMP in year 2023/2024!”

Shan Shan, mummy of Jayven (K2), Nov '21


“Will highly recommend the school to other parents. The teachers are caring and highly focused on the children's development. There is a well structured curriculum that is comprehensive and balanced. My daughter loves going to school!”

Ms Cheong, mummy of Xuan Ying (Pre-Nursery), Nov '21


“This is my fifth year with dMP. I'm happy to see how my older one is thriving in P1, and how much my 3yo enjoys school and is always so enthusiastic in showing me what he has learnt in school.”

Shi Qi, mummy of Asher (Pre-Nursery), Nov '21


“The school encourages kids to be creative and most importantly to be

“It has been 4 wonderful years in DMP. Its amazing to see how DMP transformed my shy and quiet boy, to an outspoken and confident boy. I'm heartened to see how much he enjoys going to school (always looking forward to go back to school when it's school holiday).

And most importantly, I hear things like, I like to learn things. And it's evident when he's always very curious about things, and will question more when I explain some parts to him. I believe the Montessori way helped to shape him into a passionate learner. ”

Shi Qi, mummy of Jovan (K2), Nov '20


“Its a great place for children to learn and grow. No stress for both parents and children. They learn good values and look forward to school even on weekends!”

Sathiya, mummy of Daksya (K1) & Keerthy (Pre-Nursery), Nov '20


“Definitely recommending dMP if you are looking for a Montessori school. My child loves his school and teachers and is excited to go every morning.”

Parent of Pre-Nursery Child, Nov '20


“We are glad to be back in the dMP community. There has not been a second thought about where to send our younger one for her preschool education. 2020 is a difficult year but with the big hearts of the team, the children continued to learn new things even during the Circuit Breaker. Thanks for all the special arrangements done. We are very pleased to see how much Gabrielle has grown this year under the care and guidance of every teacher. What’s more important is that we see how much she enjoys going to school and looks forward to see her teachers and friends every school day.”

Winsome, mummy of Gabrielle (Pre-Nursery), Nov '20


“Right choice for my 3 girls! I am pleased as all of them see their lovely teachers as role models and always happy to be in school. My girl from DMP is already in P2 but still remembers and constantly emphasizes the values that she has learnt to her younger sisters. I feel my girls are vocal and know what is right from wrong and are able to apply moral reasoning and this only because of their exposure to the weekly values taught ( stories) in DMP! I am truly blessed to have them in DMP and strongly recommend it!”

Sathiya, mummy of Daksya (K1) & Keerthy (Pre-Nursery), May '20


“We know we have made the right choice to enrol Oliver into this school where the entire team truly cares for and places the kid's development above themselves. It also helps that our kid got over his initial fears of going to school after a week and now enjoys every single day of being in school!”

Parent of Pre-Nursery Child, May20


Everything is good as usual. The communication between the teachers and parents is the best!.”

Sathiya, mummy of Daksya (Nursery), Nov ‘19


“Activities that encourage freedom of speech and expression. Highly recommended.”

Parent of Pre-Nursery Child, Nov ‘19


“Definitely a good school to go if you prefer Montessori school.”

Shan Shan, mummy of Jayven (Nursery), May ‘19


“I'm happy to see that the school inculcates joy for learning in my son. He's always going on about how he likes to learn things.”

Shi Qi, mummy of Jovan (K1), May ‘19


“Jake and Ms Wendy, it has been an amazing 10 years of continuous partnership! Thank you so much for nurturing and loving my 4 children. Through your management, dMP has always maintained a dedicated team of teachers who put the interests of the children first. Special thanks to Lu Laoshi, she has been there for all my children. She is such a wonderful Chinese teacher. My children are indeed blessed to have spend their pre-school years in dMP. dMP has truly helped them to create a love for learning, and becoming motivated individuals. I am sure u all know how much my kids enjoyed their time in dMP, they always want to go back for holidays’ programme! Till this day, Elkan and Elgin who will be turning 13, 12 next year, still remember stuff which Ms Wendy has taught them!
In our eyes, dMP is truly a pre-school that deserves the highest ratings!! Thank you very much.... dMP will always hold a very special place in our hearts. ”

Evangelline and Tee See, parents of Elwyn, Elyse, Elgin & Elkan, Nov ‘18


“To all in dMP(past and present): Thanks for the wonderful memories and knowledge that you all have provided to our 3 children and us the parents, over the last 10 years. Ryan(K2-2010), Aidan (K2-2015) and Sophia (K2-2018).

Our children have often asked us when is school holidays ending when they were in dMP. They can’t wait for school to start and meet their friends and teachers again. It is the opposite when they started primary school.

We would like to also take this opportunity to say a big thank you to dMP for tremendous effort, support and care provided to our girl Sophia. As Sophia has multiple food allergies, the teachers made all effort to ensure the environment she is in is safe. All students were informed of her conditions and they were taught very well in keeping their distance during snack times. A separate table was also set aside for Sophia during snack time to prevent cross food contamination. We greatly appreciate and would like to thank Ms Wendy. She had put in extra effort in finding alternative recipe for play dough that doesn’t contain wheat flour, thus allowing Sophia to participate in more class activities.

Our children thoroughly enjoyed learning through play in a kind and loving school."

Louie & Chloe, daddy & mummy of Sophia(K2), Nov'18


“Nearly 4 years spent in DMP. I am a happy and satisfied mom. If I get to choose again I certainly will choose DMP...The teachers are first class. A lot of thinking and planning goes into everything so its certainly organized. I am proud of how quickly Bremmi has progressed and acquired the relevant skills and knowledge for P1. I feel very prepared and its all thanks to DMP!!!”

Sathiya, mummy of Bremmi (K2), Nov ‘18


“The teachers are caring, gentle, patient and passionate. If my son does something wrong, I like how they will explain things to him rather than just scold and punish. DMP is really a place where the kids learn through play. I will not hesitate to recommend DMP to another parent.”

Shi Qi, mummy of Jovan (Nursery), Nov ‘18


“Both my kids attended dMP for their pre-school education. For the past 7 years, we only have good things to say about dMP. Jake, Wendy and all the teachers are committed, dedicated and truly care for the students well-being and development.”

Parent of K2 Child, Nov ‘18


“A great and very conducive environment for every child!

Parent of K2 Child, Nov ‘18


“dMP might be a small school but it is definitely big on values and attitudes. My daughter loves school and she has all praises for her teachers. When she fractured her leg earlier this year, Jake and the teachers really help her around the classroom, encouraging her to walk again. Also, it is nice to see her slowly gaining confidence to speak in front of her friends. Thank you teachers for your patience and guidance!”

Irene, mummy of Ashlyn (K2), May ‘18


Responsible and caring teachers

Belinda, mummy of Jethro (K1), May ‘18


“There is a group of experienced and devoted teachers in this school. I am sure every kid will be a happy kid under their teaching.”

Annie, mummy of Kai Xiang (K1), May '18


“Great place for your kids to play and learn!”

Leia, mummy of Emily (Nursery), May '18


“I have no complaint about dMP. My son is well looked after by his teachers and elder brothers/sisters in school. I would not hesitate to recommend dMP Kindergarten to my friends or any parent looking for a good Montessori kindergarten for his child.”

Joy, mummy of Emanuel (PN), May ‘18


Good kindergarten”

Parent of Pre-Nursery Child, May ‘18


“Amiya loves going to school everyday and missed school all throughout the June holidays.”

Reena, mummy of Amiya (PN), May ‘18


It tells a lot when you child looks forward to school everyday and gets upset when there is no school. At dMP, the teachers really care and put in a lot of effort to cover a wide range of topics for the kids. It's not so much about the academic attainment but rather, developing this inquisitive nature of kids and I must say dMP does a fantastic job. Definitely the best decision to switch my child over to this kindergarten this year!

Irene, mummy of Ashlyn (K1), Nov ‘17


If you are looking at passionate teachers, you make the right choice by going dMP Kindergarten. Professional and dedicated bunch of teachers!

Annie & Vincens, mummy and daddy of Kai Zer (K2) and Kai Xiang (Nursery), Nov ‘17


“Dedicated teachers and enriching programmes! dMP is an awesome place for children to learn and grow!”

Isabel, mummy of Jun Feng, Pre-Nursery, Nov ‘17


Focuses on all round development. Gives a good base to initial education. Kids learn empathy, social skills & proper discipline. School gives a one to one attention. They get lot of general knowledge during class room discussions and field trips.”

Uma, mummy of Ananya, K2, May ‘17


“I like that the fact that the Teachers are caring and nurture the kids at their own pace in the school. I have a peace of mind at work when I know that she is well taken care and having lots of fun in school. I also like to thank the principal and Ms Wendy on imparting right moral values to the kids.”

Angela, mummy of Arissa, K1, May ‘17


“I feel so lucky that I found DMP for my son. I still remember the first time I brought my son to visit the school. Uncle Jake and Ms Wendy were very caring and friendly. My son felt immediately at home as he introduced to a lovely big turtle, which was the school pet and also fed a turtle for the first time in this life!
That started a very interesting and fruitful 4 years of pre-school experience for my son as well as me as a parent. dMP is a pre-school that actually delivers a true learning experience which in my definition is not just about maths, grammar or hanyu pinyin. It is more than that. It is about a young child being able to experience the sourness of a lemon; learning how to button a shirt; having a pleasant environment to develop social skills and learn how to communicate with peers and adults; and most important of all enjoying every moment of it.

Each person has only one chance in life to experience childhood and each child is a pre-schooler only but once. dMP has made this experience for our son one that he will treasure and reminiscence about when he gets older.

It has been a privilege and our good luck to be able to have our son be a part of the experience at dMP. I personally endorse dMP and also the wonderful team of Uncle Jake, Ms Wendy, Ms Angela, Lu Laoshi and Ms Furing who work hard to make dMP the top quality pre-school that I would recommend to any parent.”

Wendy, mummy of Hayden, K2, Nov ‘16


“dMP has taught my children well. The teachers are caring and are genuinely concern about the well-being of the children. The learning environment is just right and the children felt at ease about going to school. Glad to have dMP nurturing my children in their early years.”

Nick, daddy of Travis (K2) and Trevor (Nursery), Nov ‘16


“The teachers are all very attentive to each and every child.”

Parent of K2 child, Nov ‘16



FeiQiu, mummy of Andri, Nov ‘16


“Caring teachers, programmes lay good foundation for further learning, happy kids. Worth my every cent spent.”

Parent of a K2 child, Nov ‘16


“Great kindergarten and caring teachers.
Love the holistic assessment of child and termly reports.
Prompt updates on what's happening in school.”

Parent of a K2 child, Nov ‘16


“Passionate and caring staff
Cosy learning environment
Good balance of work and play

My Son would rather go to kindy daily than stay at home! This is because there is so much to learn from his Teachers and schoolmates”

Leia, mummy of Lucas, K1, Nov ‘16


“dMP is Birdie's second home. She looks forward to school every day, where she is free to learn and mingle. Her teachers are passionate and committed, providing gentle and nurturing guidance that has instilled in her a love for learning and a curious disposition. Our only regret is that she will have to eventually leave this safe haven to join the rat race.”

Stephanie, mummy of Birdie, K1, Nov ‘16


“The committed, nurturing and engaging group of excellent Teachers at DMP.”

Parent of a K2 child, Nov ‘16


“A very conducive environment with an experienced Team of dedicated and committed professionals where parents can totally entrust their child with.”

Geraldine, mummy of Joshua, Nursery, Nov ‘16


“The teachers are great! My children, especially the younger one has been crying daily due to separation anxiety. The teachers never gave up and tried all means to encourage her! Both my kids are now happy students of dMP Kindergarten and they look forward to school daily! Kudos to the teachers!

Annie and Vincens, parents of Kai Zer (K1) & Kai Xiang (Pre-Nursery), Nov ‘16


“I am very grateful to all the teachers whom have been very patient and caring towards my child. Everyday, my girl will relate to me about her work, friends and teachers to me. I have also seen great improvement of her spoken language and recognising words of both English and Chinese subject. She also show enthusiasm in her work and is happy to go to school everyday even if she is sick. A very good kindergarten with excellent knowledge and teaching methods from the teachers and principal.”

Suyi, mummy of Yi Xuan, K2, Nov ‘16


“It feels like home. The teachers really connects with the kids. There's no academic pressure and every child is encouraged to develop at their own pace. Top focus is to enjoy learning and not the grades.”

Angeline, mummy of Bethany, Pre-Nursery, Nov ‘16


“dMP kindergarten is a school runs by educators who have a 'heartbeat' for the children, and who is sincere in providing a holistic experience for our young children. Thank you . =)”

Anna, mummy of Tan Yee, Pre-Nursery, Nov ‘16


“Nearly 2 years and i am truly satisfied with Bremmi's growth inside out...its amazing how much she has learnt and retained. She even displays values such as kindness and greeting her neighbours in the lifts...i am speechless at her abilities at times! Thanks DMP!”

Sathiya, mummy of Bremmi, Nursery, Nov ‘16


“A good Montessori pre school to recommend.”

Chun Kiat, daddy of Shaynnon, K2, Nov ‘16


"Would like to thank dMP for your dedication in giving my 3 girls a good and sound start in their early years of learning.  I believe how the two older girls (Zelda and Tessa) are who/what they are now (and later) is significantly attributed to how they were taught/exposed to in dMP.  Thank you for the kindness, passion, love and patience to the kids!” "

Valerie, mummy of Zelda (Class of 2011), Tessa (Class of 2014) and Audra, K2, Sep ‘16


"Thank you for all your devotion, patience, care and understanding towards Yi Xuan.  The way you teach, the knowledge you share, the care you take, the love you shower, makes you the best teachers in Yi Xuan’s heart.  Thank you so much for all efforts made, time spent and the energy given to me.  There’s no one quite like a special kindergarten, and no kindergarten quite as special as this one!” "

Soo Yi, mummy of Yi Xuan, K2, Sep ‘16


“A big thank you to u and the teachers for providing the kids in dMP with a conducive environment for learning.  It’s a place full of love!  My kids are blessed to be in dMP. "

 Evangelline, mummy of Elkan(Class of 2012), Elgin (Class of 2013), Elyse (Class of 2015) and Elwyn, Nursery, Sep ‘16


"Thank you and your team of teachers for all the guidance & care! Teaching isn’t a easy task when it comes to pre-schoolers but you guys are doing a excellent job."

 Mary, mummy of Kohana, Nursery, Sep ‘16


“dMP is the ideal environment for young children to be meaningfully engaged through play and fun activities. The teachers are warm and nurturing, and the fondness Birdie has for them best reflects the care she receives from them.”

Stephanie, mummy of Birdie, Nursery, Nov '15


“Passionate and knowledgeable staff who genuinely care about the learning development of our children.”

Leia, mummy of Lucas, Nursery, Nov '15


“It’s the best choice & I am glad my child is there… Bremmi loves school and adores all her teachers and friends… The bus aunties are wonderful and I feel safe just seeing them during pick up & drop offs…”

Sathiya, mummy of Bremmi, Pre-Nursery, Nov '15


“Kids can play and learn as they play. dMP allows the kids to enjoy learning.

Parent of K1 Child, Nov ‘15


“The small group size per level with focused attention given to each pupil.

Parent of K1 Child


“Should definitely enroll for the dMP program.”

Sameer, daddy of Soham, Nursery, Nov '15


“Not just your usual neighbourhood kindergarten. My K2 can describe the "water cycle" which they learnt during science. How many K2s know that?!”

Parent of K2 and N children, May ‘15


“I am amazed to see Bremmi's growth in just 1 term...even during bath time... she tells me "air takes up space". She has become more independent, responsible and speaks much better now. She reflects about school and is able to share the things she did in school for that day. I genuinely feel that i chose the right place for her.”

Sathiya, mummy of Bremmi, Pre-Nursery, May '15


“The all round development kids get when in dMP. And also about the attention each kid gets. I am also amazed by the confidence the kids get after attending dMP.”

Sriram, father of Ananya, Nursery, May ‘15


"dMP Kindergarten gives my daughter the opportunity to discover her strengths and weaknesses. I love how the school adopt the spirit of nuturing young kids in such a caring environment. Elisa adored her teachers and of course the school! If only there are more of such school in Singapore, then we would not need to worry about the quality of preschools."

Kris, mummy of Elisa, Pre-Nursery, Nov '14


"My son's languages have improved tremendously. He has became a more confident speaker & is able to communicate amongst children his age. As for Chinese language, I think the teachers have done a great job. My son is more willing to speak the language."

Parent of a K1 student, Nov '14


"I have seen a vast improvement in life skills and command of the English language. Birdie adores her teachers and speaks of them fondly. That alone is testament to a job very well done. Kids instinctively know who treats them well and who doesn't."

Stephanie, mummy of Birdie, Pre-Nursery, Nov '14


"The many enriching programs provided by the school to engage their young learners in languages and sciences."

Parent of a Nursery student, Nov '14


"The teachers here ( especially the management ) put in a lot of effort and most importantly their " heart " in running this kindergarten. It never feels like a school running a business.
Most importantly, I am most certain that my child will learn well here because she is respected , loved and feels secure."

Meiyun, mummy of Abigail, Pre-Nursery, Nov '14


"My son found his best buddies, best memories and best teachers in dMP.
He loves to go to school and this is the thing I just love about dMP."

Shweta, mummy of Soham, Pre-Nursery, Nov '14


"Small teacher-student ratio allows more attention for each child. Vertical aging also beneficial . Generally, a conducive environment for children to learn, play and socialise."

Parent of a Pre-Nursery student, Nov '14


"Nicholas only transferred to dMP this year for his last year of preschool education. He has enjoyed his school life starting from the first day here and he has always been looking forward to going to school. He could learn on his own pace while given the opportunities to explore different subjects at different levels. This approach has truly given him a lot of motivation to learn independently. We are very glad to have found this school for him."

Winsome, mummy of Nicholas, K2, May '14


"As a parent if you really wish a 'second home' and 'second parents' for your kid, you won't regret making dMP as your choice."

Anu, mummy of Ryan, Pre-Nursery, May '14


""My Son Soham started coming this school when he was just starting to speak. He got so much love, care and affection from this school  that every morning he cries to go to school. He loves all the activities he is doing in school. Parents willing to send their kids to dMP can send kids to this school and relax. Because you'd be sure kids are in safe hands and going to have best time of their childhood."

Shweta, mummy of Soham, Pre-Nursery, May '14


"Jeston had a great and enriching 4 years spent at Montessori. From teachers to school bus aunties, he remembers every one of them as they are like one big family. I never regret placing him in the school with an all rounded curriculum and well taught values. He looks forward to attend the school holiday programme in Dec to meet up with existing classmates for the last time. "

Daphne, mummy of Jeston, K2, Nov '13


"Both my children enjoyed going to school during their 4 years in dMP. They had fun learning from their teachers in school. The teachers in dMP plan their activities with the children's interest in mind. We want to thank the teachers for making learning fun and enjoyable to our children. "

Shook Yin, mummy of Kai Ning, K2, Nov '13


"If I can go back to the past, I will STILL choose dMP for my 2 daughters. The best environment for any pre-school kids."

Alan, daddy of Faith, K2, Nov '13


"Really want to thank Ms Wendy for educating and taking such good care of my two children during their important pre-school and kindergarten years! It's been a great 8 years! Thank God I found this school and my children benefited greatly from the holistic and Montessori environment! Thanks! May you continue to strive with that spirit and benefit many more children and families in time to come!"

Wan Tze, mummy of Luke, K2, Nov '13


"Great school with great programmes & classroom with highly dedicated, yet fun, teachers who pay incredibly detailed attention to each child with a great dose of love & care!"

Inka, mummy of Mikail, Nursery, Nov '13


"The quality care and professionalism that the teachers possess in this centre."

Soo Yi, mummy of Yi Xuan, Pre-Nursery, Nov '13


"Interesting activities such as, show and tell, interesting field trips and supermarket activity in school. Parents are always updated in the email with weekly circulars. "

Shermaine, mummy of Darrence, K1, Nov '13


"Is definitely a great learning environment for children! My child learns to be independent and benefits from small group teachings. My child enjoys school and loves to relate her experiences about her friends and teachers before bedtime. She is proud of her work and often shows her work to us immediately when we got home! Most importantly, she is happy and willing to wake up early to go to school daily!"

Soo Yi, mummy of Yi Xuan, Pre-Nursery, May '13


"The school is good as the teacher and student ratio is low and I can be assured my child gets a good amount of attention. The principal and directress are very patient and I thank them for it. They are always keen in giving advice and to work hand in hand with parents to develop the child further! :D"

Felicia, mummy of Raphael, Pre-Nursery, May '13


"The principal and directresses are very passionate in teaching. dMP creates an environment where going to school and learning is actually fun. My older boy, Ryan, who attended dMP still misses the school and frequently ask to revisit dMP. My younger boy, Aidan is now attending dMP and enjoying school too."

Louie, daddy of Aidan, Nursery, May '13


"I would strongly recommend dMP to people that I know. This is a school whereby the management and the teachers do genuinely care for the overall well-being and development of the child. The management and teachers are also passionate about their work and are excellent in their interactions with both child and parents."

Bryan, daddy of Hayden, Pre-Nursery, May '13


"Boost self confidence of the child."

Parent of a K1 student, May '13


"The past 4 years have truly been amazing for Elkan! From a boy who did not even know his ABCs and 123s, Elkan has matured and grown so much in his journey with dMP. As parents, it is our desire to give our children the best. I am confident that I have provided him with the best possible preschool education by selecting dMP. The Montessori Curriculum has definitely given him a headstart for Primary 1. Most importantly, when he looks back at his childhood, I am sure he will have beautiful and happy memories of the time spent in dMP with his siblings (Elgin & Elyse), friends and teachers.... Thank you very much for the love, care and concern showered on Elkan. Elkan says he will miss dMP a lot!!!!"

Evangelline, mummy of Elkan (K2), Elgin (K1), Elyse (PN), Nov '12


"dMP is a small school. One of the greatest benefits is every student will receive sufficient attention from the teachers. Also, there is no barrier to communicate with the teachers or the principal. Problem usually can be addressed quickly. In most of the time, talking to the teachers are like talking to friends. Hence, parents can be fully aware of his child's behaviour in school. The curriculum provided by the school is also sufficient and no enrichment class is needed. The learning environment is relaxing and content is interesting. This is why I can see most of the students go to the school with a smile even after a long school break : )"

Siew Hwee, mummy of Jit, K2, Nov '12


"The interaction between school and parents are very consistent and regular. This is very different from other school from previous experience. The approach to education is also more contemporary."

Alvin, daddy of Yong Han, K2, Nov '12


"I am glad that I found DMP for my child. Being a year end baby, he needs more attention in every little thing he do. The teachers have done that and had been very patient with him when he was at a difficult stage to handle at first. He has now grown to be a part of the DMP family and I can see some of his improvements in all levels. Thank you very much!"

Shermaine, mummy of Darrence, Nursery, Nov '12


"This is the place to send your child if you want him/her to learn and grow in a loving and nurturing environment."

Wan Tze, mummy of Luke, K1, Nov '12


"dMP is a great place for your child to grow up in. Not only do the teachers impart knowledge but they instill values and inspire the children to learn more. My child looks forward to school and there is something new and interesting in school everyday for her to tell about."

Parent of a K1 student, Nov '12


"I remembered the first year When Jan attended school, he was sick most of the time that I almost pulled him off the school. I am glad I did not do it as during these few years, I have seen how the teachers nurture him and how he enjoyed going to school. Julian has joined his brother in school and I know I have made the right choice."

Joey, mummy of Jan (K1) & Julian (Pre-nursery), Nov '12


"Great staff team! I did not bother to look for a early childhood school for my second child (although we have shifted further) coz I have good experience with dmp. Good teacher:student ratio hence able to provide sufficient attention to all children."

Berlinda, mummy of Ang Syn, K1, Nov '12


"dMP has a good coverage of curriculum including practical life exercises, science, biology and geography.  It lays a good foundation for a preschooler.  Jeston looks forward to school even at times when he is sick."

 Daphne, mummy of Jeston, K1, May ‘12


"I think all of you are doing a great job.  I can see Marcus is really enjoying school and getting more confidence in interacting with others.  Well done!"

 Sharon, mummy of Marcus, Nursery, May ‘12


"dMP Kindergarten is surely second step for your childs progress in achieving milestones for all levels.  Though Jeet has just spent half term only yet but I can see he is achieving his milestones step by step and get to hear new words from him.  I am happy to choose dMP for my son and would surely see him achieve more and more in future with dMP. "

 Dharti, mummy of Jeet, Pre-Nursery, May ‘12


"Time flies! It has been almost 3 years since Elkan first joined dMP. I can still remember the days when we were busy searching for the right pre-school for Elkan. In fact, dMP is the 3rd school which we have enrolled Elkan in and our search for the right pre-school ends here. : ) 

The past year has been the most exciting for my family since Elgin joins dMP in Jan 2011. It is a joy to hear the boys talking fondly about the activities which they did in school. They have so much fun in school and they really look forward to going to school everyday!  : ) A big thank you to Jake, Ms Maisy, Ms Veron, He Laoshi and Lu Laoshi for providing Elkan & Elgin with a stimulating and loving learning environment!  Special thanks to Ms Wendy for your patience, for being loving and stern at the appropriate times, for bearing with my boys and answering their never-ending questions.  Looking back, I think my boys have really grown a lot in dMP.  Apart from imparting knowledge, I feel that the curriculum in dMP also focuses a lot on character building.  In my opinion, this is truly what early childhood education is all about. We don't want to bring up a generation of smart but spoilt brats! 

 I am thankful that my boys are in dMP, I truly believe that this is one of the best pre-schools around.  dMP is like a 2nd home to my boys.  Our family is looking forward to next year when our youngest girl can join her brothers in dMP. Like what Elkan always loves to say, "I can't even wait!" : ) "

 Evangelline, mummy of Elkan, K1 & Elgin, Nursery, Nov ‘11


"I am glad that I have chosen this school for Jan instead of any other schools.  I have seen and witnessed the teachers efforts and dedication to all the children in the school.  Well done!  Keep it up! "

 Joey, mummy of Jan, Nursery, Nov ‘11


"Jeston enjoyed being involved in the preparation and the actual yearend graduation concert.  He even performed his roles for us at home.  We are happy and glad that he enjoy his moments at dMP for the past 2 years and we look forward to the following 2 more years with the school. "

Daphne, mummy of Jeston, Nursery, Nov ‘11


"For four glorious years, our child has been able to call dMP her second home.  Indeed the wonderfully positive and nurturing environment at school has constantly shaped her passion for learning and her well-rounded abilities.  Thank you dMP! "

Lih Woon, mummy of Rae Jye, K2, Nov ‘11


"You will be satisfied! "

Alan, daddy of Faith, Nursery, Nov ‘11


"At dMP, my child is constantly learning through exploration and this has indeed help him in his understanding of many concepts."

Wai Fang, mummy of Jaevier, Nursery, Nov ‘11


"The teachers of dMP are caring and passionate about teaching the preschoolers.  And I know my children are in good hands with dMP! "

Valerie, mummy of Zelda, K2 and Tessa, Pre-Nursery, Nov ‘11


"Jeston sang the song he learned from Lu Lao Shi to us at home at times.  He look forward to school everyday.  Thanks for making the efforts on guiding them to make gifts for us on special occasions like Mother’s Day.  I was touched when he presented the colourful necklace proudly to me which he made for Mother’s Day.  He concluded that as my birthday gift as well."

Daphne, mummy of Jeston, Nursery, May '11


"dMP has provided a conducive environment for kids to learn and have fun at the same time.  With the great effort put in by the teachers, Jean Ann has progressed very quickly from the crying stage to happily going to school everyday."

Bee Luan, mummy of Jean Ann, Pre-Nursery, May ‘11


"dMP Kindergarten so far has been an extremely satisfying experience for me and Aadia.  Aadia has never been so happy going to school.  Her learning has been tremendous in the few weeks that she's been with the school and she absolutely adores all her teachers."

Pooja, mummy of Aadia, K1, May ‘11


"As I experienced a few different schools, quite popular, however, I was not satisfied at all and finally found one that is good."

Hye Jin, mummy of Yong Han, K1, May ‘11


"Glad that Xavier did his early childhood education at dMP.  He has developed well physically, intellectually and socially.  dMP has a team of responsible and dedicated teachers and school bus aunties too.  The centre is well run and the children look forward to go to school everyday.  My son will surely miss his days at dMP.  Thank you!"

Seok Khim, mummy of Xavier, K2, Nov ‘10


"The past 4 years have been a fruitful learning journey for Jean Ying.  Under the care and guidance of the wonderful teachers, Jean Ying has flourished tremendously in all aspects.  She speaks fondly of all the teachers, including the 2 school bus driver and attendants.  She’s going to miss them all!"

Bee Luan, mummy of Jean Ying, K2, Nov ‘10


"Throughout the year that he had been with Montessori Playroom, we could see that he had become more vocal and able to express himself more clearly.  We enjoyed the field trips tremendously especially the Hippo and Duck tour.  Many thanks to the school for continuously keeping us updated via SMS and emails."

Daphne, mummy of Jeston, Pre-Nursery, Nov ‘10


"We are glad that we have send Le Xin to dMP Kindergarten for her pre-school education.  Over the 4 years, we have noticed Le Xin’s enjoyment in school.  We have never heard Le Xin said “I hate school” for the past 4 years.  We want to thank all the teachers at dMP Kindergarten for providing such a good foundation for Le Xin with the Montessori approach."

Linda, mummy of Le Xin, K2, Nov ‘10


"I am/We are completely satisfied with our daughter’s educational journey at dMP.  We really couldn’t ask for more in a school!"

Lih Woon, mummy of Rae Jye, K1, Nov ‘10


"My husband and I are very appreciative of the school’s efforts in keeping us informed of any significant events that happened during the day.  We feel that Wendy and Jake have become my child’s “other parents” during her time in school because of the care and concern shown to her."

Michele, mummy of Allison, K2, Nov ‘10


"dMP has a team of dedicated professionals who are passionate about making a difference to pre-schoolers."

Wai Fang, mummy of Jaevier, Pre-Nursery, Nov ‘10


"The teachers in dMP Kindergarten are attentive and patience.  My son has been progressing very well in the area of language, maths and motor skills.  My son always look forwards to going to school.  It’s really an enjoyment to send him to school."

 Siew Hwee, mummy of Jit, Nursery, May ‘10


"We are glad to entrust Jeston under your care and involving dMP in his growing years.  We were hesitant initially during the beginning stage where he just joined dMP family and took a while to settle down.  Our undue worries were unfounded as he currently enjoy going to school everyday.  We appreciate dMP’s efforts to keep us abreast of the latest developments in school through the partnership circulars and announcements via email."

 Daphne, mummy of Jeston, Pre-Nursery, May ‘10


 "After 4 years and counting, we are still completely satisfied with our daughter’s school experience at dMP!"

 Lih Woon, mummy of Rae Jye, K1, May ‘10


"Hi Wendy and Jake, Isabelle's attachment to you and the kindergarten speaks volume about the program you are running and the great impression you have left in her young mind.  Thank you for everything you have done for her.  Looking forward to partner you again when Luke goes to school next year. :)"

Wan Tze, mummy of Isabelle, K2 Graduate, Class of '09, Jan '10


"It was indeed a meaningful and fulfilling journey for Demetrius and its time to say goodbye to dMP and to all the wonderful teachers. We cannot express my satisfaction enough to all the teachers who have each done their very best for the children. The positive attitude that Demetrius has shown towards school (except for his usual dosage of grouses :D ) has assured Louis and myself that we made a right choice to entrust 3 years of his learning path in the right place in the right direction.

We believe Demetrius will feel sad (I am!) to leave the familiar place and all his friends but he is also excited to go into a bigger school next year and knowing more friends.

We hereby would like to wish all the teachers well and may dMP continue to be a successful school as it is today!

Many thanks and best wishes,"

Louis & Euphemia, parents of Demetrius, K2, Nov '09


"The teachers are all very committed and dedicated in the teaching of my child, Faith, and other children.  Ever since Faith attended pre-nursery till now, she really shown great interests and improvements in all aspects and she's very keen in going to school everyday.  Salute to all teachers in dMP."

Anne, mummy of Faith, Nursery, Nov '09


"My son, Jit, has been enjoying going to school.  This is because the school provides an attentive and friendly learning environment."

Siew Hwee, mummy of Jit, Pre-Nursery, Nov '09


"dMP has provided a wonderful environment for Jean Ying to develop and grow in her critical pre-school years.  She loves to go to school and speaks fondly of her teachers regularly."

Bee Luan mummy of Jean Ying, K1, Nov '09


"Eliza is my second child at dMP.  I like dMP for its low children-to-teacher ratio, therefore the teachers and principal know every child very well and provide regular feedback to parents on their child's progress.  Eliza likes the cosy environment and enjoys the frequent field trips, cookery and art & craft time.  The children are encouraged to express themselves freely and be themselves.  Eliza has become more vocal and chatty after joining dMP."

Angeline, mummy of Eliza, Nursery, Nov '09


"Hi Jake and Wendy, just want to share my feedback on the holiday program.  I was rather skeptical about the theme as I wondered how interesting it could be talking about the respiratory and digestive system.  Nevertheless I enrolled him as I didn't want him to laze at home. :)  However, I must say I was amazed with the experiments and with Demetrius sharing his knowledge excitedly. I was very pleased and happy he learnt so much.  It was a great program and as usual, dMP has not disappointed me. :)"

Euphemia, mummy of Demetrius, K2, June '09


“It is so difficult to find a school such as yours, holding so true to principle, so tirelessly attentive to detail, so compassionate to every child that comes your way...  Thank you, Jake, for setting up such a wonderful school with your wife, Wendy, and for assembling such a fine team of devoted teachers to guide our young ones.  As parents and educators ourselves, we have been deeply moved by every encounter we've had with the school.  I assure you that I've never acclaimed any other school or group of educators as much as I have done so for this school and neither my husband nor I are known for our compliments!  So it is with every ounce of sincerity when we say that you ought to be very proud of dMP.  You have established something great and we are so assured of Rae Jye's all-rounded well-being, knowing that she is in your fold."

Lih Woon, mummy of Rae Jye, Nursery, May '09


Seeing how Jit looks forward to going school really make my day.  I feel that happy schooling is one of the important aspect of happy childhood."

Siew Hwee, mummy of Jit, Pre-Nursery, May '09


Jordan has gained a lot of confidence, which she wouldn't have otherwise, in your care.  I am extremely happy about the personal interest your teachers show to my child and it has led to a much happier development process for her."

Li Yin, mummy of Jordan, K2, May ‘09


Overall, very happy.  Really appreciate the principal's, directresses' and teachers' timely update in informing of my child's well-being especially when he's not feeling too well or when something happens to him that requires attention or the parents to be informed."

Joey, mummy of Daryl, Pre-Nursery, May ‘09


The trip to the Evolution Park was a great success!  Ethan enjoyed himself so much and he brought Daddy there again and told him the things he learnt form the field trip.  Thank you for organizing fun filled trips for the children."

Evina, mummy of Ethan, K1, May ‘09


Thank you so much that working very hard for the children.  Shane is really happy to go to school everyday.  he likes school very much.  I'm really happy about school what about teachers. 

1) They are smiling to children everyday and looks very happy!! (even they have problem also they can smile to children is very important.) 

2) They never changed from long time!!  Its really important in school not changeing teachers.  If the school keep changeing their teacher there have problems in the school I guss.  Jake and Wendy, you all doing good job for of course children but for teachers as well!!

3) Teachers eyes!  That's really important and teachers are see children a lot of different way.  I know very busy in the class but teachers are see children indivisualy and very details. 

I'm very sorry my english very poor.  Hope understand.

Thank you for teachers and Have a great holiday with their family.  Thank you!!"

Mizue, mummy of Shane, Pre-Nursery, May ‘09


The love and commitment that the teachers have for the children are commendable."

Shook Yin, mummy of Kai Yang, Nursery, May ‘09


“dMP will be the first school that I will want to send my children to because I know that they are growing and learning in an environment with a holistic development purpose.  My children learned life skills apart from the renowned Montessori curriculum.  The directresses (teachers) are the ones who make a big difference!"

Leng Leng, mummy of Samuel, Nursery, Nov ‘08


The teachers are patient and always show a positive attitude towards the children and even parents.  Even the teachers and the children have a bond which is close and unlike just being a typical student and teacher."

Euphemia, mummy of Demetrius, Kindergarten 1, Nov ‘08


The school makes a conscious effort to make activities meaningful to the children.  My child always tells me that he enjoys going to school"

Shook Yin, mummy of Kai Yang, Pre-Nursery, Nov ‘08


Dedicated teachers and a good programme."

See Fong, mummy of Je Yin, Kindergarten 2, Nov ‘08


The teachers love the children and do what they do with a passion."

Marielle, mummy of Kate, Nursery, Nov ‘08


Many thanks for being our best partner to nurture our daughter.  Thank you for helping her to cope better and prepare her by giving the best based education with love and care.  Hope to see another school opening in other areas of Singapore so that other children can benefit from the best based education for young kids that dMP has! "

Caroline, mummy of Stella, Kindergarten 2, Nov ‘08


Cleina was a very timid type of a child and often does not cooperate in such interactions.  As time goes, she developed her shy personality and became more expressive and interacts with other people."

Regina mummy of Cleina, Pre-Nursery, Nov ‘08


School is like the second home for Ethan!  He totally enjoys going to school at dMP!"

Evina, mummy of Ethan, Nursery, Nov ‘08


“I was quite surprised that my girl was able to adapt well in school just after about a week.  All thanks to the patience and dedication of the teachers with their continuous effort.  Nicole was able to participate well in the school's activities!  A BIG THANK YOU!”

Edelyn, mummy of Nicole, Pre-Nursery, Nov ‘08


“At dMP, Siddharth has grown into a confident young boy with a love for learning.  And most important, he loves going to his school!  We feel that the love, patience and individual attention shown by the teachers really helps in making the school a “second home” for Siddharth.”

Shalini, mummy of Siddharth, Nursery, May ‘08


“I am deeply impressed with the genuine dedication of dMP’s teachers.  They work tirelessly for the children – I remember when Ms Wendy even called me after office hours to update me on my daughter who had been a bit distressed in school that day.

Recently, the debate regarding whether seat belts should be mandatorily installed in school buses raged on the newspaper forum pages.  I recalled with gratitude how Principal Jake had so readily taken up my suggestion and installed belts in the dMP school bus when I brought it up in casual conversation in 2007.  It’s rare to find school administrators as open and responsible as that!

Not only has my child learnt much from dMP, so have I!  I developed a greater awareness of the Montessori approach and phonics teaching and learning thought dMP’s complimentary parent workshops!”

Lih Woon, mummy of Rae Jye, Pre-Nursery, May ‘08


“The teachers in dMP Kindergarten are patient and passionate in teaching young children.  The size of the class is small in which the children can receive more attention from the teachers.”

Pauline, mummy of Yu Kai, Pre-Nursery, May ‘08


“dMP Kindergarten has a unique approach in teaching the children in terms of academic and social skills.  Thus making the children easier to adapt and not forcing them compared to other school methods.”

Regina, mummy of Cleina, Pre-Nursery, May ‘08


“dMP Kindergarten provides a holistic education and Marissa looks forward to the fun-filled and stimulating lessons and her caring teachers.”

Marietta, mummy of Marissa, Kindergarten 2, May ‘08


“We’re looking around the best school for our special girl.   At last we found this school ‘The Montessori Playroom Kindergarten” – the school and second home that Stella really love it.  All the staff and teachers really love and supporting our girl to her best she can be.  Keep doing great for kids and make a difference!”

Caroline, mummy of Stella, Kindergarten 2, May ‘08


“dMP Kindergarten is a real fun place to be studying in.  Ethan enjoys school so much that he misses all his teachers and friends during the school holidays!  Good job, dMP!”

Evina, mummy of Ethan, Nursery, May ‘08


“We would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt thank you to the whole team at the school – Ms Sarinah, Ms Wendy, Lu Lao Shi, He Lao Shi and Uncle Jake.  The school has been a wonderful place for Siddharth to learn and grow.  We have seen him become a more confident child who is never afraid to ask questions and so eager to soak up all he can learn!  And most importantly, the genuine love and caring from his teachers made him very comfortable in his first school environment.  Thank you once again!”

Shalini and Sumant, parents of Siddharth, Nursery, Apr ‘08


"Allison receives the benefits of individual attention to her educational needs - much like homeschooling, but with the chance of socialising with other children!"

Michele, mummy of Allison, Pre-Nursery, Nov '07


"I am glad that my daughter, Le Xin, is progressing well in school.  I have seen a lot of improvement in terms of social skills, academically and other physical development.  She has enjoyed her school very much and I am very happy to see that."

Linda, mummy of Le Xin, Pre-Nursery, Nov '07


"I'm happy to see that my daughter has a lot of improvement since she joined this school.  She is able to express herself much better.  She told us that all the teachers love her and she is always keen to go to school every day."

Caroline, mummy of Stella, Kindergarten 1, Nov '07


"Fantastic concert preparation and performance.  Teachers have put in a lot of effort and all children had so much fun enjoying themselves on stage.  Good job, dMP!"

Evina, mummy of Ethan, Pre-Nursery, Nov '07


"Teachers at dMP are committed and show a genuine love for providing a well-rounded and interesting learning experience for the children.  Jean Ying always looks forward to attending school and often relates her experiences in class to us."

Bee Luan, mummy of Jean Ying, Pre-Nursery, Nov '07


"The school has great teachers/directress and has organised meaningful field trips which Demetrius enjoyed.  The concert is one yearly event which I look forward to and has indeed a very meaningful theme incorporated with relevant field trips.  Demetrius loves school and it's fulfilling indeed that the school has managed to cultivate such positive attitude in him."

Euphemia, mummy of Demetrius, Nursery, Nov'07


"The curriculum is holistic and there is a good balance between learning and enjoyment.  dMP provides a nurturing environment and an array of activities that expose the child to varied experiences and interests."

Marietta, mummy of Marissa, Kindergarten 1, Nov '07


"I am happy with the teachers paying individual attention to every child and their patience and soft approach."

Grace, mummy of Kenan, Nursery, Nov '07


"The teachers are very caring and approachable and the school provides a conducive environment for learning."

Wan Tze, mummy of Isabelle, Nursery, Oct '07


"This is truly of what my husband and myself think of the school:-

Our daughter, Tan Wei Qi, joined DMP when she was about 2 1/4 years old. She never cried or refused to enter school on the first day and came home with a broad smile on her face. That was amazing to us. Since then she has enjoyed her pre-school days.

 School Program And Curriculum

 Wei Qi loves the school program. This can be evident by her enthusiastic of attending school. At home, she would sing the songs and dance what she has learnt in school. Wei Qi also talks about the activities in school and the classmates.

 However, she never complains about teachers. I would think that is very important factor for a good pre-school as teachers play an important role in children’s up-bringing.

 With the Montessori Program, Wei Qi has developed into an independent and responsible child. She demonstrates them by completing her assignments without many reminders.

 With the school reading program, Wei Qi has cultivated a love to read. She is able to read quite wordy books, such as Enid Blyton, when she was in K1.*


 With the friendly environment and patience provided by the teachers, Wei Qi has developed empathy by being a considerate child.

School Concert

 I must also mention this point as not many pre-school in Singapore can make an effort to plan for annual concert. Most pre-school concerts are performed by K2 kids. In DMP, you can see that all kids in all level are given a chance to stand on stage. Wei Qi is very motivated in her performance. Usually, she will “performed” in advance at home for us before the actual day.

Field Trips

DMP also has taken effort to organize field trips which Wei Qi has enjoyed and learnt.

Out Door

 The school program not only confine to classroom learning but outdoor activities are organized to allow kids to expose themselves to sunlight and involve in physical activities too. 


We are glad that we have selected DMP as the pre-school for Wei Qi. The school has provided her all the memorable happiness and opportunity for her to explore in her learning path.

Once again, we take this opportunity to thanks the school and hope the school will grow so as more kids can join the school and develop their fullest potential.

Thanking you."

Terence and Jenny, parents of Wei Qi , Kindergarten 2, Nov '07

* Note from us at dMP Kindergarten : Do remember that every child is different; each child's ability to read fluently is unique to each child.


"I must say that the school and all the teachers have done well and the concert indeed was a success.  It's hard work and not easy but the theme, songs and the children's participation were fantastic!  I really enjoyed and very happy that Demetrius has done his best and performed well.  He looks so cute in the costumes.  I guess it was a worthwhile decision to enrol him in the school and I got a few friends asking which school he went to as they heard of the activities he participated and I guess his growth was recognised as well.  Once again, thanks!"

Euphemia, mummy of Demetrius, Nursery, Oct '07


"I am very satisfied with your teaching method and even tell my colleagues that I will enrol Syn (my younger girl) in dMP when she reaches the right age.  dMP has laid a good foundation for Ang Oon.  Thanks very much."

Berlinda, mummy of Ang Oon, Nursery, Sep '07


“Simone has attended this kindergarten for 1 ½ years and during this time she has enjoyed going to school and participating in all its activities. The teachers were all very caring and have nurtured her very well. Academically, I am also very impressed with what she has been learning in school as I do not teach her anything at home. She completely learned her numbers, how to read and write from her teachers at school and she continuously amazes me at the new things she is capable of doing all the time. Thank you teachers for making learning so enjoyable for her.”

Melissa, mummy of Simone, Kindergarten 1, Apr '07


“This is a kindergarten that you can entrust your child to.  The teachers are patient and kind and allow the child to develop naturally rather than restrict their movements.  Isabelle has developed a lot of self-confidence ever since she joined dMP Kindergarten.”

Wan Tze, mummy of Isabelle, Pre-Nursery, Oct '06


“I’m very pleased with the frequent feedback I receive from Nathan’s teachers using the communications book.  With this, it is evident that the students are individually assessed and handled according to their specific needs and abilities.  The weekly circulars are as well very good and allow us to review the topics at home with him.  As for Nathan, he enjoys the outdoor activities most.”

Roda, mummy of Nathan, Pre-Nursery, Oct '06


“The teachers in dMP Kindergarten are very committed to their jobs.  I can see their commitments through their daily actions and care and concern shown to the children.  My son, Ethan, who has only been attending dMP for one month is always talking about his teachers at home. Thank you and keep up the good work, dMP! ”

Evina, mummy of Ethan, Pre-Nursery, Oct '06


“dMP Kindergarten has a team of dedicated & caring teachers to coach and guide children in their learning in their early years,”

Jamie, mummy of Janka, Kindergarten 2, Oct '06


“dMP Kindergarten is a good partner with parents to build the vital foundations for our child’s learning journey.  Adopting and integrating the wholesome Montessori concept and methodology into the curriculum, it has enabled my child to learn in a very caring and stimulating environment and be equipped with vital skills such as independence, confidence, socially-abled and good concentration.  I am particularly happy that the teaching team at dMP faithfully take efforts to keep parents informed and updated on my child’s learning journey milestones!”

Leng Leng, mummy of Megan, Pre-Nursery, Oct '06


“Before dMP, she used to speak Singlish to friends but after joining dMP for about 2 months, she now speaks proper English.”

Shirley, mummy of Kristina, Kindergarten 1, Oct '06


“Marissa has certainly blossomed since she joined dMP Kindergarten at the beginning of this year.  We’ve seen a marked improvement in her verbal skills – she’s able to express herself rather articulately and self-assuredly.  She has a good grasp of the alphabet and numbers and will spontaneously apply what she has learnt in school by reading whatever she chances upon aloud.  The teachers are nurturing and provide individualised affection.  What I particularly like is how prompt the teachers are in giving feedback about Marissa’s progress and the keen interest they take in her overall development.”

Marietta, mummy of Marissa, Nursery, Oct '06


“My girl has very caring teachers and loving guidance.  This school has definitely built my girl and made her a better person.  She is always looking forward to go to school, even when she was sick or she experienced changes at home.  Not only is she taught academically, she is moulded as a whole person.  A good elementary education is the key to a successful education of life.”

Marina, mummy of Phoebe, Kindergarten 1, Oct '06


“There are no words to describe how much we appreciate your graciousness towards our daughter Yasmeen when she was schooling at The Montessori Playroom Kindergarten.  You teachers have made a big difference in her life.  It makes us really glad to know that she is learning something new everyday in school.  For that, we want to take this chance to thank all the teachers in dMP Kindergarten for guiding Yasmeen in her early education.  Thank you once again."

Mr and Mrs Weber, parents of Yasmeen, Nursery, Sep '06


“We are glad we found a school that shares the same belief, values and approaches towards early childhood learning. It is a place where Kai Zhe learns about the world from his immediate environment to the world at large as a unique individual without pressure and stress. He sees the school as his ‘2nd home’ now where he feels loved and secured to happily learn and explore through independence and group plays. We greatly appreciate the partnership circulars in keeping the parents involved and the other efforts all the directresses put in to make the school such a fun and wonderful place for playing and learning.”

Christine, mummy of Kai Zhe, Kindergarten 1, Mar '06


Donovan has been with DMP for about 2 years.  He enjoys going to school, due to the cosy environment, friendly teachers and fun activities.  He is especially excited about the frequent field trips.  The Art & Craft and Cookery lessons are very interesting too and Donovan is always very proud to show off his "work" to us.  With the school's phonics curriculum, Donovan's reading abilities has improved.  I like the low student-to-teacher ratio, which allows more focused attention on each individual child.  Therefore the teachers know the children very well and recognise each child's unique character and abilities.  Hence, they are able to provide very good feedback about the children's developments through quarterly progress reports and open parent-teacher dialogue.  It is good that the year-end concert encourage participation from all children, as with some bigger schools, only the graduating class gets to participate.  My son has learnt a lot since he came to DMP and more importantly, he had fun and is happy, which is all childhood should be about.  The principal and teachers believe very strongly in the Montessori methodology of early childhood education and they have certainly done a good job in delivering it.

Angeline, mummy of Donovan, Kindergarten 1, Nov '05


“Phoebe has been very happy in school. She looks forward to go to school. Thanks to the teachers who have been encouraging and kind to her. The teachers’ acceptance and patience have made Phoebe comfortable and in place. It is a very safe and happy environment for my child. Coming from a Chinese speaking background, Phoebe displays interest and confidence in learning and speaking English. The school has provided her with a good English speaking environment too. Phoebe uses English when she plays with her dolls instead of Chinese. A bit sad for me but it is good to see my girl handling both languages well. Other than academic, the teachers, especially Ms Wendy has been very kind and motivating. She has been encouraging Phoebe in building herself up. She has shown her love for Phoebe at all times. e.g., the transition period of settling down in a new learning environment, the developing from being self-centred to showing care to others, the learning of being independent in school or at home and many more. ”

Marina, mummy of Phoebe, Nursery, Nov '05


“I like everything about the school because the teachers have done a great job for Sarah. And the frequent field trips are very beneficial to the curriculum.”

Chelsea, mummy of Sarah, Pre-Nursery, Nov '05


“My daughter Sasha learns so much and so fast in school. She speaks English and Mandarin with good diction. My friends say all the time that she speaks so well and clear. They say she speaks like a seven-year-old and not a five-year-old. Most important thing about the school is that my daughter loves it. It has the right environment for a growing child.”

Sher, daddy of Sasha, Kindergarten 1, Nov '05


“Eugene has been with dMP since July 2004. Since then, we have seen a lot of progress in him. He has shown improvement in his fine motor skills and to our surprise, he loves Chinese and is able to recite the exact word and sentence which He Lao Shi taught in class. He is able to recognize many Chinese characters too and choose his own book in the library. The programme has also help to build on his personality development as his is able to coach/guide his younger brother, take responsibility & be independent. We believe the programme will continue to improve his weaknesses and strengthen his abilities. We wish to express our sincere thanks to all the teachers especially Uncle Jake and Ms Wendy. They have been very helpful, passionate about early childhood education and are also open for suggestion to improve the programme.”

Hock Choon, daddy of Eugene, Nursery, Nov '05


“The methodology is excellent, gives children the room for creative play and learning and discovering themselves and their talents. The teachers, principal are caring, responsible and understand both the children and parents well. The reports enable working parents to understand the child’s progress and be informed with any situation.”

 Jaime, mummy of Janka, Kindergarten 1, Nov '05

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