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Montessori Work Time at the classroom Corners

The children are allowed to move freely to work on any of these activities during our 1 and 1/2 hour Montessori Work Time.   The list below is not exhaustive as the directresses will continually adapt these corners according to the children's interests, adding new ones or taking away those that the children have mastered. 

bulletPractical Life Exercises - We have 11 dressing frames (Zipper, Large Buttons, Small Buttons, Safety Pins, Snap Fasteners, Shoe Lacing, Bow Tying, Hooks & Eyes, Buckles, Shoe Lacing with Hooks, Velcro), glass pitchers for pouring activities, ceramic bowls for transferring materials, beading activities, etc.  We also have a Washstand and Scrub Board for the children to do washing up.
bulletSensorial Corner- Currently, we have the Cylinder Blocks, the Knobless Cylinders, the Pink Tower, the Broad Stair, the Long Rods, the Colour Tablets, the Geometry Cabinet & the Geometry Cards, the Geometric Solids, the Touch Boards, the Touch Tablets, the First & Second Fabric Sets, the Baric Tablets, the Thermic Bottles, the Thermic Tablets, the Sound Boxes, the Ornamental Geometry Material, the Constructive Triangles, the Blue Triangles, the Binomial Cube and the Trinomial Cube. 
bulletEnglish Language Corner - Currently, we have the Sandpaper Letters, the Metal Insets, Movable Alphabet, Printed Alphabet, Classified Pictures, Pink, Blue and Green Boxes (Phonics), Reading Folders (Advanced Phonics), Grammar Boxes and Theme Boxes.
bulletMathematics Corner - Currently, we have the Number Rod & Matching Numerals, the Sandpaper Digits, the Spindle Boxes & Wooden Spindles, the Cards and Counters, Introduction to Decimal System, Decimal System Material (Complete Set), the Seguin Teen Boards & Bead Bars, the Seguin Ten Boards & Bead Bars, the Bead Chains of 100 and 1000, the Fraction Insets, the Addition Snake Game, the Addition Strip Board, the Addition Chart and Tiles, the Subtraction Strip Board, the Subtraction Chart and Tiles, the Multiplication Bead Board, the Multiplication Chart and Tiles, the Unit Division Board, Beads and Skittles and the Division Chart and Tiles.
bulletCultural Corner - Currently, we have the Botany Cabinet & the Leaf Cards, the Sandpaper Globe, the Coloured Globe, the Land and Water Forms, the Puzzle Map of the World, the Bells and various Pairing Cards.
bulletBook Corner - We have a variety of books: picture story books, fact books, word play and Children's classics, rotated fortnightly.   We also have books and hands-on materials from World Book's Early World of Learning (EWOL) series.

Group Presentations

The children will be gathered together for these theme-based activities.  

bulletChinese Language
bulletCultural Topic Discussions and Projects (History, Science, Botany, Zoology and Geography)
bulletCreative Art
bulletMusic & Movement
bulletCharacter Building programme
bulletSound of the Week programme (The English language has 44 speech sounds.  We cover 40 speech sounds in this group presentation.)
bulletThematic Math programme (Based on Montessori Centre International's curriculum)

Outdoor Programmes

bulletField Trips to fish farms, animals farms, places of interest etc. (6 times per year)
bullet'Nature' Walks to the surrounding neighbourhood.
bulletPunggol park outdoor activities (twice per term)

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Last modified:  03 January 2021