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Calender for the Year 2008



Day Date Day Date
Term 1 Wednesday 2-Jan Friday 7-Mar
Term 1 Fees 1st installment Wednesday 2-Jan Friday 4-Jan
Term 1 Fees 2nd installment Monday 5-Feb Wednesday 6-Feb
Term 1 School Vacation Saturday 8-Mar Sunday 16-Mar
Term 2 Monday 17-Mar Friday 23-May
Term 2 Fees 1st installment Monday 17-Mar Thursday 20-Mar
Term 2 Fees 2nd installment Monday 21-Apr Friday 25-Apr
Term 2 School Vacation Saturday 24-May Sunday 22-Jun
Term 3 Monday 23-Jun Thursday 28-Aug
Term 3 Fees 1st installment Monday 23-Jun Friday 27-Jun
Term 3 Fees 2nd installment Monday 28-Jul Friday 1-Aug
Term 3 School Vacation Saturday 20-Aug Sunday 7-Sep
Term 4 Monday 8-Sep Friday 14-Nov
Term 4 Fees 1st installment Monday 8-Sep Friday 12-Sep
Term 4 Fees 2nd installment Monday 13-Oct Friday 17-Oct
Term 4 School Vacation Saturday 15-Nov Sunday 4-Jan


Public Holidays Day Date Occasion
Term 1 Public Holidays Tuesday 1-Jan New Year's Day
Thursday 7-Feb Chinese New Year
Friday 8-Feb Chinese New Year
Term 2 Public Holidays Friday 21-Mar Good Friday
Thursday 1-May Labour Day
Monday 19-May Vesak Day
Term 3 Public Holidays
Sunday* 6-Jul Youth Day
Saturday 9-Aug National Day
Sunday* 10-Aug National Day
Friday+ 29-Aug Teachers' Day
Term 4 Public Holidays Wednesday 1-Oct Children's Day
Wednesday* 1-Oct Hari Raya Puasa
Tuesday 28-Oct Deepavali
Monday 8-Dec Hari Raya Haji
Thursday 25-Dec Christmas Day
* Following day will be a scheduled school holiday

+ Off-in-lieu for Teachers' Day which falls on Term 3 school holidays


Last modified:  15 December 2008